Can you help prevent the antibiotics apocalypse?

From the earliest of times known to humans, plants have been known to have some healing properties and was the first medicines to help all kinds of ailments. A six-thousand-year burial site in Iraq was found to have several different medicinal plants, that were used to help the ill before they died. In1500 BC Hinduists sacred many plants believing they had a soul just like humans. History suggest they worshipped a Bael tree believing that there was a god in the branches that helped heal people.  Similarly, the native peoples of the Andes in South America worshipped the coca plant due to its amazing abilities. While some of these beliefs you may find are farfetched what's important here we use to respect the power of medicines.  Thanks to certain societies we have been able to identify which plants help with what condition, also which plants kill you or are harmful. This could have only been down to trial and error. Certain plants are widely known for their effects for example lavender and camomile for relaxation or lemon and ginger for colds.  However, there is no plant substitute for antibiotic, as the form we initially got from mould spores is nearly completely resistant.  
Still many societies today, people believe that ill health is due to evil spirits and would be treated by Sharenistic medicines. The Sharman would use leaves and plants to heal wounds, also give the person hallucinogenic, including fungi and toxins to help cure the patient. With the advancement of science and medicines, I found this difficult to understand how this would help, almost as deluded as what I’m about to tell you. If the doctor came around and sent you on a mushroom trip or worse poisoned you, when a simple course of antibiotics would do or would it? We are now nearing a antibiotics crisis, the BBC News today, it suggested that in a few decades even a simple cut to the knee may become fatal. We are improving on the number of antibiotic doctors are giving out to humans, but animals are still pumped with antibiotics due to poor conditions, which increases infections. No one is regulating the amount that animals can have, and we eat the animal products, so are making ourselves resistant to antibiotics.
It infuriates me how the News does not mention the impact that meat and dairy pumped with steroids, hormones (which is making us bigger and infertile) and antibiotics is not mentioned in the upcoming antibiotics apocalypse. I’m not fully vegan and would never preach at anyone to be, as people have their own reasons why they eat animal products. By researching more into this topic I have realised that by me eating meat this impacts other people if they are sick, as I am contributing to the antibiotics apocalypse. This not only deeply saddens me it makes me think twice about my meat and dairy intake.
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