Have Scientists Discovered The Fountain Of Youth?

It's easy to assume that it's impossible to become younger, but technically speaking, it's not the case. While of course there is no 'fountain of youth' or magic clock to rewind time- it IS possible to reverse damage from cells, essentially allowing them to perform the way they did when they were younger. This is exciting news in terms of appearance and beauty, with the anti aging industry being worth well in excess of two hundred million pounds there's a lot of women who's confidence would clearly benefit from this. But what exactly does this research mean?

What causes damage in the first place?
The bodies cells are damaged by free radicals/oxidants. These include pollution, poor diet, stress and lack of exercise- they can also products we put directly on our skin. Damage to the cells of the skin accelerate aging, such as causing fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, age spots and more. Repairing damage will halt this process up to a point, and could even reverse it. One thing we already know we can do is eat more anti-oxidant rich foods, these help to support our cells to protect against these oxidants (hence the name). Sticking to a good skincare routine using natural products will hydrate your skin on the outside and protect it from damage from the elements and pollution too.

A Surprising Discovery 
We all know the importance of eating well and protecting our skin, but there's another way we can help to halt the aging process that you might not expect. Harvard published a study in 2017, showing clinical evidence of the effect of relaxation techniques on changing the expression of our DNA. While the DNA itself is never changed, certain genes that trigger bad or good effects in the body can actually be turned off or on. The study suggests that using twenty minutes of either meditation, mindful breathing or yoga can turn genes on and off. This study identified 2,209 genes that were altered after relaxation techniques, compared to the control group that did not practice the techniques. This study showed that genes that protected cells damage from free radicals were switched on, and other genes that encourage the oxidant process were switched off. Finally, the study showed that the body’s response showed less psychological distress overall. So as well as protecting the cells of the body, these techniques could also help with energy levels, mood, libido and making healthier lifestyle choices.

Putting it into practice
The study found that actual aging process slowed down, so by using relaxation techniques you really can look healthier and younger. Studies have also shown that people who practiced relaxation reduced their risks of heart problems and dementia too. Make time in your life for relaxation, practice meditation, stretch, take long hot baths and generally give yourself a break. Working yourself to the limits isn't healthy and will take it's toll on your health as well as your looks. It goes to show just how interconnected the mind and body are, and the importance of looking after yourself overall. Think about it, how often have you seen an unhealthy-looking yoga instructor? For the full Harvard study, click here.

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