Hair Jazz Review

Due to constantly changing my hair colour, using bleach and using heat on a daily basis, my hair felt thin and fragile even though it's naturally quite full and thick. I had seen the Hair Jazz set online a number of times and lots of good reviews on social media which intrigued me. I'm never normally one to to buy into fad items, but I wanted to take a chance and give these a go. 

I found the smell of the products different for all the products, the shampoo smelt odd, but I had taken this as a good thing as I know it wasn't loaded with perfumes. Also the conditioner and serum smelt lovely, quite fruity which lingered in the hair afterwards.

Method of use
I found the method slightly odd, I'm used to putting conditioner all over my hair, but the Jazz hair products recommend to out this only on the ends. You use this after washing why the hair is slightly dry and you don't wash it out afterwards. This meant that if I wanted to use the mask I would have to put this on before the conditioner. Also, the number of steps were a lot, first using the shampoo, then the hair mask, then the conditioner, then the lotion, then the hair protector and finally the serum. But found this to be well worth it :)

See below this is hair grow in a month. Although this may not seem like what I saw on the adverts it was a good buy for me as my hair hardly grew up until using this product. Also, on the right you can see my hair is thicker and also looks healthier. 

What hair products that you have tried recently that your in love with?

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