A Review of Clarins Make-Up Remover Trio

The Clarins trio set consists of three products; the eye makeup remover, cleansing milk and toning lotion. I really love the Clarins brand so when I saw this trio I found this the ideal opportunity to try all three products. I actually bought this product in the Birmingham airport for £19.50 on the way back from a holiday to the Canary Islands. Clarins products can also be found on their website http://www.clarins.co.uk/ 

Eye makeup remover 
After exfoliating and washing my face I used a cotton pad to apply the eye makeup remover. I find that certain top brands of eyeliners and mascaras are difficult to remove. so finding a decent eye makeup remover is essential to my beauty product collection. The eye makeup remover felt soft on my skin and manage to wipe away my urban decay eyeliner which is always tricky to get off. My skin felt super clean and fresh, leaving my skin with a nice after scent. 

Cleansing milk
Then I massaged the cleaning milk into my skin, rinsed and dried. The cleansing milk help rejuvenated my skin leaving it looking more vibrant. It washed away a few dry patches of skin and made my face feel soft. However, I did not dislike the smell but did not like this either as it smelt like basic a moisturizer. Having little scent to a product is not always a bad things as certain perfume irritate my skin.

Toning lotion
After cleansing I use the toning lotion and apply this on to a flat cotton pad using this on my face. I always used to think that toning your face was not always necessary, however I truly believe it depend on the toner you get to how much benefit you get from it. This toner was soft on my skin and helped remove dirt off my skin onto the cotton pad. It amazing how after all the steps the pad still managed to pick up some grubby patches on my skin. 

Overall impressions-
I would definitely buy this product again as I really felt it made the difference to my skin. The only down side is I mostly I use natural products like coconut oil for a make up remover, cleanser and moisturizer. Witch Hazel for a toner. However, I does really like the Clarins brand and really felt that this product was a winner. 

Does you cleanse, tone and moisturize everyday? What products do you use?

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