Birch Box: December's Box Reviewed

My sixth order of Birch Box came, hooray! If you're new to Birch Box, this is a monthly subscription box which contains beauty products coming right to your door, in an adorable pack. Each month it contains 5 different beauty products tailed to my likes and dislikes for only £10 plus £2.95 p&p. I pay for this beauty box monthly and I can unsubscribe at any time. December's Birch Box is full of festive makeup and products. The box actually came in a cute bag this month. A Christmasy green suede bag with cross over, leather-like and glittery design on the front. This bag will be ideal to put my makeup in when I'm attending my work Christmas party.

This cute little box contains two of the Benefits products; an eyeliner (they're real) and an eye gel (Puff off). I love Benefits makeup so having this in my birch box this month was a lovely surprise. The push up Eyeliner seen in the picture below was lovely to apply. After applying this I realised I had two gym classes booked instead of taking this off I gave the eyeliner the ultimate test whilst doing hardcore exercise. To my surprise the eyeliner stayed on without smudging, I even had trouble getting this off in the shower after my workout.

This eye gel by Benefit came in a cute little tube. For a 10mls tube of Benefits Puff off eye gel would cost £22.50. This is very costly, however, I imagine it would last a long time as I've used my 2.5mls tube a number of times and I still have loads left. This product does relieve puffy eyes however I am very mindful of the ingredients list as it seems to have a lot of things in that I am sure what it is. My go to moisturizer would be 100% organic coconut oil or 100% organic vitamin E oil. Both of these are natural and I know what i'm putting on my body. Some products have harmful chemicals in and I would only use these in moderation a bit like how often ideally we should eat junk foods with no nutritional value.

3) Model co lipstick in Smitten is a lovely festive colour. Nicely applied, moisturizing and vibrant. A really nice redy colour for a festive night out. This lipstick comes in a trio pack for £15.50 from the Birch box website.

4) This beautiful blue nail varnish called pool party by Ciate also came with this monthly Birch box. To buy 13.5ml of this it would cost £9 form the Ciate website. I really love this colour, bright and lasted for a few days without chipping. This is ideal for me as I work in a hospital so have to take nail varnish off when I go to work.

5) Cathrine Malandrino Syyle de Paris fragrance sample, with the full size costing £60 for 50mls. The description describes this as a Italian mandarin, ruby red grapefruit, and Nashi pear. This scent is very fruity and the scent seems to last all day. I personally love the smell of this however it is very pricey.

6) Embryolisse nourishing moisturizer lait-creme which on the website is described as "a creamy lotion that is really three products in one: the make-up artists use it as a primer, moisturizer, and make-up remover." For 20mls this cost £20 on the Embryolisse website. I love this product as it has three uses so even though it's pricey it might save me buying a few different products. The only negative i can think of is again the ingredients list as it may not be suitable for sensitive skin because there is perfume in it.

7) Tao Tai Chi White Lotus & Yi Yi Ren is a foaming shower gel. I was surprised when I used this it smelt lovely and was so foamy leaving my skin silky soft. However, I normally stay away from aerosol type bottles due to the effective on the O-zone layer and global warming. I know me not buying aerosol may not save the world but it makes me feel like I am helping. Also, a read a article a few years back stating that the aerosols could be linked to cancers, even there is not empirical research behind this it has always stayed in my mind. This is why I try and use mostly pure organic products but do use other products in moderation.

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