Barry M Sunset Nail Paint Review

I have always wanted longer nails having previously used acrylic nails which often left my nails damaged and weak. I have been using Barry M day light curing top coat to keep my nails strong and natural looking. Due to working as a Mental Health Nurse wearing coloured nail polish is not an option. I applied two thick layers of the Barry M day light curing top coat nail polish, leaving each layer to dry. The idea behind using this nail varnish (paint) was that it could be cured by day light; no need for a IV lamp and should be long lasting like gel nails. However, I found that the nail varnish would come off in one piece after only two days of application. I came to realise that any oils in my nails made it difficult for the product to stick and therefore made it come off. I had heard that applying vinegar to the nail bed before application would help remove any oils. Using this tip helped the Barry M day light curing top coat to stay on for over a week with no chipping. I was delighted that this use of a regular house product would have a great result.

When I have days off work I like to use this time to try out different colours of nail varnishes and try new nail colours. In the picture below I am wearing "do it like a nude" and "make me teal" (on the ring finger). I really love the teal colour and think it is vibrant, super shiny and bold. However, I would have to think about what I was wearing for the day as I found out a lot of colours clashed with this colour. Overall I found the Barry M day light curing nails varnish a bargain for the money (£4.99 each) considering a decent gel polish could normally set you back £10 plus. Also, the Barry M day light curing nail varnishes were long lasting and super shiny. I am looking forward to try out more of the colours Barry M has to offer in this range.


  1. Wow this looks great! Thanks so much for sharing.
    The Rad Wife

  2. Ooo I'm definitely going to have to try that vinegar trick out. The nail polish looks great as well, I've been wanting to try these ones out.

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  3. I love Barry M nail polishes, these are some gorgeous shades :)


  4. Great post. x

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