Tuesday, 3 January 2017

New years resolutions part 1- Goal setting/ health and fitness

Every year millions of people set goals for the new years. Usually things they have sucked at the previous year. I know that most of the people who set new year resolutions fail miserably at achieving these unrealistic goals. I have never really done the whole new year resolutions thing as I always set myself realistic achievable goals. I have year goals and monthly goals, which is broken down into mini goals. Often people say I want to lose weight ect... This goal is broad, it tells you want to want to do but how are you going to achieve these? A way to set goals most people may be familiar of is the SMART goals, this breaks down goals into achievable ones. There are many ways to lose weight but just saying this is not enough to make the goal a reality.  In order to achieve these I usually make a list of all the things I could do to achieve my goals and then look for the most sensible, realistic ways to achieve these. 

Mini goal setting I find is the crucial key to achieving goals, also having in mind what are the specifics of the goal I want to achieve. I find thinking about What? Why? How? and When?
What the goal is? The specifics of the goal?
Why I want to achieve this goal? Thinking about how I will feel when this goal is achieved and what will be different?
How I will go about achieving this goal? Think of the different things that could be done to achieve this goal? How will this be monitored? How to make this achievable?
When do I want to achieve this overall goal by? Is this realistic time frame? Also, brake this goal down into mini achievements. 
Improving health and weight loss

Tracking my food intake
Carbohydrate cycling
Weighing and measurements

This is probably the most important question. Knowing why you are motivated to achieve a goal can make all the different. It keeps you focused, your eye on the prize so to speak.
Why I want to lose weight?
To improve health
To fit into old clothes
To look good and feel good in my wedding dress
Why I want to improve fitness?
To lose weight and look toned
To be strong and healthy

How? How to monitor? When? How to make this achievable?
Carbohydrate cycling: Improving my health does mean that I need to lose 2 stone in weight to get to my healthy weight range. Carbohydrate cycling has worked for me to lose weight and be able to keep the weight off. Also, it has not hindered my ability to workout at the gym and keep muscle mass. I will choose a cycle of 8 to 12 days allowing 2-3 medium carbohydrate (125g)or high carbohydrate days (225g).
Tracking my food intake: Notice I've changed this too health and fitness not weight loss. I no longer want to focus on weight loss as this can deter me from achieving my goal. I want to improve my health by tracking my micro-nutrients and macros most days on MyFitnessPal app. This app gives me a guideline on how much proteins, carbohydrate and fats I need. I have recently changed this too 1,300 calories, 120g protein, 98g carbohydrates and 50g fat each day. When? most days
How to make this achievable? Allow my self leeway on the micros 20g either side and 200 calories either side. 
Allow another type of tracking for days that your unable to track.

Flexi day/ Free days: Plan a cycle of 8-12 days and allocate which days are low carbohydrate and which are medium and/or high carbohydrate. 
Aim for 4-5 small meals (take a picture)
Eat until 80% full- have mainly vegetables and lean proteins- Can have unlimited foods until 80% full
Can swap 1tbp fruit for jam, 4 dried fruits or 1tbp honey or hot chocolate
Day rules:
1) Lower carbohydrate free day
Mostly vegetables and lean protein. Can have some other higher fat proteins. Limit to a few fruits if possible) 
1 to 2 sauces  
Think about  medium carbohydrates and high carbohydrates day to keep you motivated!!
2) Medium carbohydrate flexi day
Mostly vegetables and lean protein.
Can have some other higher fat proteins.
Limit to a few fruits if possible
1 to2 sauces
Extra some carbohydrates OR chocolate bar or small pudding
3) High carbohydrate flexi day
Mostly vegetables and lean protein. 
Can have some other higher fat proteins.
 Limit to a few fruits if possible
1-2 sauces Extra some carbohydrates
AND a free meal and pudding
How to make this achievable?
Meal out: on low carbohydrates days order mostly vegetables and lean proteins- have limited carbohydrates like potatoes, rice, pasta extra. NO PUDDINGS/ SWEETS plan on another day.

If gone off plan? Just carry on with the plan next meal.

Reward myself!!
Every day I complete a day on plan I give myself a star. Each star is worth either some I want to buy or treat myself too.
Weighing and measurements: Weigh myself, work out BMI, lean body mass, hips to waist ratio, body measurements and body fat.Use tape measure for measurements, scales I own for weight and online body calculators, for the rest of the measurements. When? Every two weeks. DON'T weigh every week as I know this has unmotivated me at times.

Run a 10k
Strengthen muscles
Run 10k: Work my way to running a 10k - find a 10k running plan online. When? June/ July (book a 10k race)
How to make this achievable? Start at a beginners level, use new music playlist to keep running fun. Mix outdoor running with indoor running. Write down achievements and reward myself.
Strengthens muscles: Work different muscle  areas- researching different exercise moves for these areas and increase weights/ difficultly when they become easier to do.  Aim for 15 reps and 3 sets, with 5 different exercises. When? 2-4 sessions a week.
Calfs, thighs and but
Chest and shoulders
Back and abdominal
Triceps and biceps
How to make this achievable? Start at a beginners level, use new music playlist to keep running fun. Write down achievements and reward myself. 

What are your new year resolutions???


  1. I'm working on my fitness too! How have you been getting on so far hun? My main thing is to start lifting and do shorter cardio sessions :)

    Foirell | www.citygirlrell.com

  2. It is going well thank you. Feeling fitter already. How yours going? It is not easy work is it? But I am enjoying it now :)

    Love Toneia x

  3. Wow those are some amazing goals I love the way u broke it all down, I can tell you are motivated and you will complete your tasksss and wish you all the best in doing so! By the way you are sooo beautiful I just see ur profilepic and couldn't get over your eyes!!! u look like a doll!! (no homo) Thank you so much for sharing this with us! Happy New Year to you and your family!! Dominica from www.its-dominica.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Thank you so much for your kind reply. A late Happy New Year too you.

      Love Toneia x