Sunday, 22 January 2017

How to be happy!!!

Happiness is the ultimate goal in most peoples life. What makes you happy can vary from person to person. No one can be happy everyday and people's mood can change. For me there are a number of things I do to keep myself as happy as I can possibly be.

Living a healthy lifestyle this means eating healthy and keeping myself active.
Living a healthy lifestyle means for me limiting alcohol, everyone knows alcohol is going to make you feel pretty unhappy. Also, eating a healthly diet and keeping active helps to make me feel healthy and happy. 

Socialising with people who bring the best out in you.
I love having spa days, going for meals and going on adventures with friends. This can be incorporated as part of my exercise, there's nothing better than having a chat and going for a long walk with friends. 

Taking extra special care of myself when I feel unhappy/ under the weather
Everyone has times when they feel unhappy or under the weather, these days I take extra special care. I like to rationalize why I feeling particularly bad this day. Have I been working too much? Am I worried about something? Am I physically unwell? Is it due to hormones? After rationalizing,  I would often have some me time if I can, do some light activity if I feel up too it.  The days I feel like this it is important to me to make sure that I recover as quickly as possible, so taking care of myself is important. I would be mindful this is the time I would usually turn to food to comfort myself and would only make me feel worse.

Working through problems makes me happy.
If there is a problem I can solve then  I make a plan with steps to solve this problem, identifying what the problem is and how it's making me feel. Not every challenge in life has a solution other life would be too easy.  If the problem I cannot solve I rationalise it. It important to me to understand why is this a problem and if it cannot be solve how can I better deal with this.

Appreciating the world and it's wonders.
Holidays and travelling makes me happy, like most people. I am fortunate to have the money to go on regular holidays which I know a lot of people don't have the luxury of.  There was a time when I could not afford to go on holiday's abroad, so I used to travel to more affordable places in the UK. Also, I would look on the internet and Google places I would love to go and even if I will never get to go to some of these places. I learn a lot about the places, so it all most makes me feel like I've been. Not only I love to travel but also time out to relax and unwind is very important for me.

I cannot always afford to go on holidays every time I want to relax so I use meditation.  I have a very busy lifestyle trying to fit in exercise, working more than full time and currently studying, working towards a Clinical Doctorate in psychology. Finding time to myself is difficult so now I make time. I try and take 10 minutes minimum of time to wind down. I often do some meditation, listening to relaxing music and this often results in a little nap if I have time. I often feel refreshed and focused after relaxing. 

Stop looking back
Most people have demons in their closet, some that just resolve themselves and others that require work.  I have found not dealing with things that come back to haunt you and it only comes back to bite you in the but. I have worked hard to get where I  am today so not looking back at things that have trouble me has helped. It's not as easy as just not looking back, some people require therapy to work through issues, others can talk to friends and family to help move on. But I feel for me making a active choice to care for myself and love myself has helped me not to look back. No one can change the past but I can change the future.

Finding something you love
I have found a job that I'm passionate for and really enjoy working with people. Finding something I enjoy is defiantly trial and error, I know what jobs I don't enjoy. I have worked hard to gain qualifications and done jobs in the past I haven't enjoyed. Too keep myself happy when I was doing jobs I didn't enjoy, I would write a plan towards the career I wanted.

Love yourself
Most of all I have learnt to love myself. Many women and men struggle with this. Doing things to make me happy would not work if I did not like myself. I often do nice things for myself, like buy myself nice clothes, do my makeup and trial new hair styles. Feeling nice often is easier when I look after my appearance and take care of my self.

What makes you happy? 

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